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TLNTview webinars are interactive, live webinars designed to bring interested college students together with the employers who recruit them. The webinars are geared to educate and inform students about career opportunities at select companies. Along the way students learn the skills they’ll need to be successful, the company’s recruitment processes, and other invaluable information.

Employers choose the topic that best serves their needs. (Example: “How to prepare for a career at ABC Company”) We’ll do the rest. Each webinar will be up to 60 minutes long and TLNTview will moderate the discussion. Students will have the opportunity to send in questions during the webcast which will be asked by our moderator to the presenter in the last 15 minutes of the program.


TLNTview will handle promotion, registrations, confirmations, webinar technology needs and send reminder emails. The webinar will also be recorded for on-demand viewing.

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